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In August 2006, Bill Klingensmith embarked on a new phase of a creative effort he began in 2005, DriveProject ‘05, which involved shooting thousands of photos from his car window while driving across the country. His original intent was to transform a long automobile journey into a powerful visual experience by condensing the collected images into an interactive presentation on the Internet. These projects can be viewed in the section below.
Bill Portait by John RetallackBill Klingensmith is Principal and Creative Optimist for the small design studio, "MYDARNDEST", in the South Wedge of Rochester, New York. Bill earned a BFA from Youngstown State University ('95) and MFA from University North Carolina Greensboro ('98). During his formal art education, he taught himself graphic design and interactive technology. He is Past President of AIGA - Upstate New York Chapter.
House on Truck

For this project, a drive through the city of New Orleans, Klingensmith advanced his technique and equipment in order to create a new and intimate experience for the viewer. He wanted to drive through the neighborhoods of New Orleans and somehow capture images that would reflect the current state of recovery efforts in the area one year after Hurricane Katrina.

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Other Projects

I am running a small studio in the South Wedge neighborhood of Rochester, New York. Skills sets are all things design. Doing lots of small print projects and wordpress web sites.

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2006 :: Version St. Louis
We drove to St. Louis for a bunch a reasons. Since I was on the road I decided to test my new camera mount and istopMotion. This one begins in Rochester,NY and displays the roads to/from St. Louis, MO.

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2005 Drive Project

2005 :: Version One
This project is a documentation of driving six days from Seattle, WA to Rochester, NY. One digital image was acquired every ten seconds of the drive; for a total of 15,000+ images. Jump on Interstate 90 East.

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Road Courtesy
media temple Media Temple for hosting my monster projects!
K10K K10K for the link and inspiration.
IntTurn50 US Interstate Turns 50
This is a great site that gives tons of great information about the US Interstate System. Check out their journey, too!
wncwwxpnkexpI Love these stations. Wish I could get them in my car, anywhere I drive! (I could not then and now I can! Mobile technology is pretty cool.)
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